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Managing Daily Stress

Stress is a common factor in our lives.  Every tiny decisions in our life triggers stress. Usually, our body can manage our day-to-day stress. However, unmanaged, prolonged stress can lead to more serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart attack, migraines and unnecessary body aches. Here are some tips to manage stress:- Take a time-out. Exercise ...
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World No Tobacco Day

Everyone knows that quitting smoking is no easy feat! In honour of World No Tobacco Day today, we would like to raise our hats to QUITTERS. Yes! In a world where winners are usually commemorated, SLMC wants to celebrate quitters instead.  If you are an ex-smoker (a quitter), please tell us about your journey to stop smoking. Submit your story before 30 June 2016.  ...
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Welcome to SLMC

Welcome to Sg Long Medical Center (SLMC). The SLMC is a private diagnostic and outpatient center in Bandar Sg Long, specially designed with the sole intention of providing the best care for patients and the finest facilities for their doctors. The center is arranged over seven floors, including a sub-level floor dedicated to an advanced suite of diagnostic imaging equipment whi...
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